Haku Studio

Transforming digital identities.

What we do

We build modern websites that spark excitement. We are experts in Figma, WordPress & Elementor, Webflow and more.


We can do both - web design and web development. We usually launch a new website in around 8 weeks.

Team and values

We are small team of professionals focused on client's success. Inspired by Japanese Ghibli studio we value creativity, diligence and individual approach.

What we do

Websites that spark excitement.


Always focused on client's goals and needs

Our approach to crafting websites is guided by a strong foundation in research and a strategic mindset.

We begin by thoroughly understanding our clients – their objectives, intended audience, market position, and the various factors that may influence our design choices.

Afterwards we explore a wide array of creative possibilities, unburdened by any predefined styles or limitations.



Michal Dord is web designer and developer with interests in various technical and non-technical fields. 

He uses his vast professional experience to elevate and transform digital identities of both private and state organisations.

He is also a hardcore fan of Hayao Miyazaki and his work.

Formerly, he worked for various governmental and non-governmental organizations and was known as a comic book character.